Home work outs – Housework is the new aerobics!

With a million and one things to do, such as feeding the baby, ironing clothes, changing nappies, cooking the lunch and cleaning up, mums often rarely have time for exercise. Although with these home work outs, have you ever thought that you may be getting more exercise than you think?

You can forget your expensive gym membership fees, as according to Bounty.com, the chances are that mums of young children may be burning off 2,000 calories every day with home work outs, just by carrying out their daily chores.

Home work outs

Just one hour spent doing the housework can burn off more than 200 calories, which is pleasantly similar to a typical 45 minute workout in the gym, which will burn approximately 280 calories.

In an analysis of exactly how effective home work outs are in burning calories and helping us lose weight, Bounty.com came up with the following statistics – 30 minutes of ironing burns 75 calories, 30 minutes vacuuming uses up 140 calories, preparing dinner for half an hour burns 72 calories and one hour of housework burns 238 calories!

30 minutes in the supermarket shopping for groceries uses 121 calories, ten minutes spent mopping the floors burns 50 calories, half an hour pushing a buggy uses up 145 calories, walking up and down the stairs for five minutes every day uses 50 calories, and (the best home work out?!) an hour spent playing with the children burns up a whopping 256 calories!

In fact even activities that are not strenuous in the least will result in calories being burned up, such as sitting for two hours, which, according to Bounty.com, uses 140 calories.  While talking on the telephone for ten minutes burns 12 calories and driving for an hour uses 141 calories.

Hey, we even burn calories in our sleep and if we stay asleep for eight hours we will burn 432 calories – Better swap the gym for the Hoover and get vacuuming!