How about a baby onesie – with a zip?

I don’t know if this is just me; but the press stud buttons on onesies drive me totally crazy.

Newborns are pretty blobby, so popping buttons in place is manageable, unless of course you’re a work-from-home mum with a toddler and multi-tasking is the name of the day’s game, in which case; fiddling with stupid buttons whilst prising your two-year-old’s hand from a plughole as you construct an important client email in your head can be more challenging.

And then your sweet newborn gets older and a whole lot less blobby. My one-year-old kicks her legs like an Olympic swimmer every time I change her, which makes popping press studs into place a tiresome exercise.

So I say “Halleluiah!” to the mum who finally took the time to invent a baby onesie with a zip.

Nicole Graham’s ‘zippy suits’ are so practical they could only have been designed by a mum – who characteristically understands the value of saving time.

The zippy suits are 100 per cent cotton and zip from ankle to ankle and have no tricky fastenings at the neckline or at the back. They are machine washable, can be tumble-dried.

The baby onesie with a zip come in Aqua & White stripe, Dark Blue & Lime stripe, and a Starry Night design in Hot Pink and Light Pink. They’re delicious!

To get your babs a zippy suit, visit