How big is your baby? – A ‘fruit guide’ for expectant mums

When I was pregnant (both times) I was always curious about what was going on inside my body – the fact that another human being was growing inside me was just too crazy to contemplate.

I remember looking on websites at those week-by-week guide things and I just couldn’t relate to the measurements they were dishing out. And then I found this awesome guide on that compares the size of a baby to different fruits – brilliant, right!?

I love the sense of humour, and the ‘fruit guide’ gave me a frame of reference for what was going on in my body – size wise at least.

Along long with the fruit comparison is a brief description of what’s going on with your babs that week – CLICK HERE for a detailed guide – but see here a super summary of The Bump’s lovely list (the baby’s size is measured from head to rump):

Weeks 3&4: Poppy seed

Week 5: Appleseed

Week 6: Sweet Pea

Week 7: Blueberry

Week 8: Raspberry

Week 9: Green Olive

Week 10: Prune

Week 11: Lime

Week 12: Plum

Wee 13: Peach

Week 14: Lemon

Weeks 15: Navel Orange

Week 16: Avocado

Week 17: Onion

Week 18: Sweet Potato

Week 19: Mango

Week 20: Banana

Week 21: Pomegranate

Week 22: Papaya

Week 23: Grapefruit

Wee 24: Cantaloupe

Week 25: Cauliflower

Week 26: Lettuce

Week 27: Rutabaga

Week 28: Eggplant

Week 29: Acorn Squash

Week 30: Cucumber

Week 31: Pineapple

Week 32: Squash

Wee 33: Durian Fruit

Week 34: Butternut Squash

Weeks 35: Coconut

Week 36: Honeydew

Week 37: Winter Melon

Week 38: Pumpkin

Week 39: Watermelon

Week 40: Jackfruit

Don’t you love it!?  A watermelon in your belly – mind blowing! – Just don’t think too hard about having to push it out!