How Birthdays Shape Your Baby’s Future

Birth order has been well documented to influence your child’s development—now research is showing that birth month could also have a profound effect on personality shaping.

Baby with birthday cake

Birth dates are inextricably tied to when your little one starts school—and according to studies, the specifics of this timing can influence the development of your child’s confidence.

In the UK the cut-off date is September 1, which means if your tot’s 5th birthday falls anywhere from that point forward in the year, they’ll be ready to enrol in school.

For children who turn five early within the enrolment window, interesting advantages are documented. For example, those who are older than most of their peers are more primed to enter professional sports.

Evidence also reveals an academic edge for relatively older students, with an increased chance of university entrance.

So what’s the reason behind these benefits of being older in your school group?

The “birthday effect” is down to self-confidence, apparently. Age is ranked highly amongst children, and this boosts self-confidence—the confidence not just manifesting in social interactions, but extending to belief in one’s aptitude for achievement.

But this doesn’t mean your little little one is destined for mediocrity; the upshot of such studies is to help inform education policies to mitigate the age gaps (like grouping kids according to ability, not age) and arm parents with the knowledge to make better decisions for their children’s future.

Via babyology