How can I tell when my baby is ready to start on solids?

Six whirlwind months have passed by and no sooner have you seemed to have finally established a good breastfeeding or formula feeding routine than it is time to start thinking about starting your baby on solids.

It is around six months when babies begin to require nutrition found in food other than milk. Although all babies are different and whilst some will blatantly let mum and dad know that they’re no longer satisfied with milk alone, other babies could quite happily just keep slurping away on milk until they are well into their second year!

How can I tell when my baby is ready to start on solids

Babies of the former persuasion will show obvious signs that they are craving food that is more substantial than milk alone, whilst for other babies the signs that they are ready for solids are much subtler.

If you are asking ‘How can I tell when my baby is ready to start on solids?’, there are a handful of signs that will suggest that your baby is ready to start on solids. 

Demanding more feeds

One sign that your baby is ready for weaning is that he is demanding feeds regularly. This often suggests that milk alone is failing to fill your baby up and he will require something more substantial so that he goes further between feeds.

You may find that if your baby does seem hungry and is still waking during the night for a feed at six months old, he may start sleeping through when you introduce him to solids as he will be less likely to wake due to hunger.

Is not putting on weight

If your baby shows no signs that he is unwell yet is not putting on any weight it may be a sign that milk alone is not nutritionally satisfying him and he will require solids in order to start putting on additional pounds.

Putting things in his mouth

Babies love to put objects such as toys into their mouths for several reasons, including relieving teething pain, being inquisitive about taste and touch and also because they are hungry.

If your baby therefore does have a tendency to stuff everything he sees into his mouth, it could be a sign that he is ready to be weaned.

Looks at you when you are eating

If your infant has started to show an interest in mealtimes and stares at yourself, your partner and other siblings whilst you eat, it is often a sign that he is ready to start eating what the rest of his family are eating!