How deep is a baby’s sleep?

The idiom “sleep like a baby”, which means to sleep deeply, soundly and very well, is based on the assumption that this is exactly how a baby sleeps.

No doubt all mums will have differing opinions but Queenie Liao, a free-lance artist and mother of three boys living in California, has a baby who exemplifies the expression.

Inspired by the likes of Anne Geddes and Adele Enerson, Queenie creates art around her sleeping son Wengenn using clothes, cloth, teddies, paper cut-outs and a whole host of household stuff. The pictures are creative dreamscapes that give the viewer insight into the fantastical worlds that a three-month-old boy might visit in his dreams.

Queenie has photographed each of her 100 wonder worlds and has compiled them in an album entitled “Wengenn in Wonderland”, an English publication of which is currently underway.

The pictures are totally magical and one can’t help but marvel at the way little Wengenn sleeps while his mum works around him. It’s just fabulous.

I remember my own baby girl, when she was a couple of months old, her dad and his best mate picking her up and puppeteering her sleepy limbs to the tunes of Michael Jackson – as she gyrated she slept. It was amazing! And hilarious!

I also remember trying to wake my second daughter up during the day to feed her while we were out in a coffee shop. It so wasn’t happening; sirens, car hooters, blowing on her face, kissing her lips – nothing broke her slumber.

So yes, babies do sleep soundly. But probably not always.

Visit to check out Queenie’s art and to read what she has to say about her images and creative process.