How do you entertain a toddler on a rainy day?!

Our weather often forces us to stay inside the house and if you have got kids, being stuck inside can quickly lead to boredom and frustration.

If you are stuck indoors and are asking how do you entertain a toddler on a rainy day, you may find the following ideas for activities useful.

Creative play

Use this time to carry out some creative play with your child. Turn an old shoe box into a castle and let them go wild with their imaginations. Even the most mundane of items can be made into a fantastic source of imaginative play that your toddler won’t even notice the rain outside!

Get messy

There’s nothing young children love more than getting messy. Put a large sheet down and cover up any furniture and clothes that you don’t want covered in gloop and bring out the paints, modelling clay and colouring pens, anything they can make a mess with on a canvass. Face painting is also a great activity to entertain a toddler on a rainy day.

Make cards for their friends

If your child is devastated that her playtime with her friends has been called off because of the bad weather, overcome the problem by imaginatively ‘involving’ her friends.  Do activities such as making cards for your child’s friends or drawing pictures of them.

Involve your child with the household chores

Generally speaking, toddlers and young children love to be given responsibilities. Get your little one to help you bake a cake, do the washing up or the dusting, as involving children in household chores can be a great way to entertain a bored child. Your chores may take five times longer to complete than normal, but at least you will actually be effectively accomplishing two jobs in one!

Dressing up

Small children love to dress up and putting on any costumes they may have or mum’s dresses and jewellery can be a fun and highly amusing activity to entertain a toddler on a rainy day. Why not let your little one really go to town and let her put on your makeup?