How do you find time for your partner when you have a baby?

A new baby brings joy, wonderment, excitement and also sleepless nights. So, it can be very difficult for parents to spend any quality time together, especially if your baby is suffering from colic. The change from a couple to a family of three can be one of the biggest transformations you face when you become a parent. But, it’s important to remember you are also a couple.

How do you find time for your partner when you have a baby?

Here are some ways you can make time for each other after your baby arrives.

Date nights

While tiredness may consume you, the opportunity to spend a quality evening together should be taken if you can. If you have a babysitter or a family member you can rely on, then go out for a few hours together – even just for a bit of food or to the cinema. You don’t need wild night on the town, just a little bit of time spent together without interruption. You could even have a date night at home, perhaps a nice meal together once your baby has settled or just a catch up on your day over a drink.

Seize small opportunities

Even ten minutes of quality time together is great. Anything that gives you a chance to have a chat and a catch up can really benefit your relationship. Grabbing lunch or a coffee together while your baby sleeps in their pram, or going for a walk together when there’s no pressure of chores at home is good for both of you.

Treat weekend like weekends

Forget household chores, forget washing the car, don’t worry about cooking for a night – make your weekends fun. Plan fun things to do as a family that are baby-friendly, like a picnic, a trip to the park or a walk around a petting farm. Babies sleep a lot, so grab these opportunities during your weekends to pop baby in the pram or carrier and go out for the day.

Make a routine

Even if it’s just one evening a week, pick a day to do something together and stick to it. Make every Tuesday night dinner together and a film, reserve Fridays for a takeaway and a catch up on your week. Or even dedicate Saturday mornings to breakfast and a chill out in bed, even if the baby is in with you!

Get up earlier

Sounds a bit crazy, given you probably want to cling on to every last little bit of sleep that’s possible. However, if your baby has established some kind of sleeping pattern and you have an idea what time they’re likely to wake in the morning, get up 15 or 20 minutes before and sit and have a cup of tea together before you start your day.