How modern mums can remain sane!

From looking after the kids, to doing the shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing and often working, there are a lot of burdens demanded from modern mums, and it is no wonder that we can feel stressed out from time to time.

If you are struggling to juggle these demands, you may welcome some advice on how modern mums can remain sane!

Little and often

Being faced with a huge mound of washing and ironing to attend to at the beginning of the day does not help us in our quest for an easy life. Eliminate this problem by washing and ironing a little more often and not let huge mounds build up.

Cook and freeze

Whenever you cook a stew or a spaghetti bolognaise, always make much more than you need. Put the excess into portions and freeze them. That will then be several of this week’s meals taken care of.

Keep a diary

With a million and one things to do, it is easy for modern mums to forget important dates and appointments, which does not do our feelings that insanity is creeping up on us any favours whatsoever. Keeping a diary with important dates and appointments, such as birthdays or appointments with the doctor, will help you remember them.

Ensure you get some quiet rest

Your day may be ultra-hectic but it is important that you have a quiet hour or even half an hour to sit back and relax. This vital ‘quiet time’ will enable you to stay focused and allow you to tackle the rest of the day.

Have an ‘essentials’ bag

Having a bag with all your ‘essentials’ in it, is considerably favourable and more time-saving than rushing around the house trying to locate the baby wipes, baby’s bottle, mobile phone and even your lipstick! Keep them all together in one bag; it will save you a lot of time and not to mention stress!