How much sleep do new mums really lose?

For mums, sleep is an anomalous occurrence that usually happens when the kids are ‘out of town’ – in other words, at granny’s.

Our newborns keep us up with late night feeds, our toddlers attack our sleep with early morning rises and our teens keep us up watching curfew and hoping they’re not getting up to (too much) mischief.

How much sleep do new mums really lose?

It never ends. (But it is so worth it.) But how much sleep do new mums really lose?

The first year’s lack of sleep is surely the most intense. A survey by has revealed that mums lose more than a month’s sleep in the first year of their child’s life. Eeeek!

Of the 1,091 mums (with children aged one to two years) surveyed,  98 per cent experienced broken sleep and that meant being woken on average 3.9 times per night.

This adds up to a massive 748.25 hours of lost sleep, or 31.8 days. New mums are losing around 2 hours of sleep a night.

It sounds a scary amount of time – and it is – but mums seem to have this super-human ability to cope with what their children thrust their way. And if you have a partner who is willing to share the load – all the better!

Source: – “Mums lose over a month’s sleep in their baby’s first year”

How much sleep do you get a night?  Does this affect your ability to function during the day?