How Often Can I Bath My Newborn?

Newborns hardly need regular bathing—they don’t move much, and have Mum to do all the dirty work—but it’s a wonderfully soothing ritual to instil early on. So how much is too much, or just enough, when it comes to bathtime for your bubs?

Mother washing a newborn baby in a bath tub

In short, there’s no perfect frequency for bathing babies; if your little one enjoys it, do it as often as you like. If she’s not a fan of the suds, don’t stress about cleanliness—wipe downs work just as well when they’re tiny!

All that being said, timing is still important in that you don’t dip your newborn in the tub too soon: wait until her umbilical stump falls off, which generally happens between 10 and 12 days post-birth. Delaying the inaugural bath experience will also ensure your baby receives the most benefit from the moisturising, immune-boosting vernix which covers them in the womb, and often remains upon delivery.

When you do decide it’s time for bath, skip the soap; water will do the job just fine, and won’t strip your tot’s delicate skin of essential moisture.

If you’re nervous about handling your wriggly newbie in the bath, top and tail them—washing their face, head, hands and bottom only—until you (both) are ready for the real deal.

Via madeformums