How Often Can I Wash My Baby?

Water is a familiar environment for your newborn—they’ve spent at least nine long months swimming inside your belly!—so typically, most will enjoy the bathing sensation. If this is the case, tub-time can be as often as you like…although there are a few things to consider first.

How Often Can I Wash My Baby

It’s recommended that you wait to sponge bath your baby until after the umbilical cord stump has fallen off—around 10 to 12 days post birth. This ensures the stump stays dry, preventing possible infection around the site.

Waiting a bit also allows your baby to reap the full benefit of any excess vernix (that white, waxy coating) left on their skin. It’s highly moisturising, and research indicates it can be immune-boosting, too.

Shelve the fancy body wash and bubble bath until baby is a little older. Water is just fine, and won’t strip their delicate skin of moisture, or induce any irritation. When you do decide to use bath products, check age guidelines and check the ingredients list.

Finally, don’t feel compelled to bath your newbie. If you feel they need a clean, top and tail them—just face, hands and bottom with damp cotton balls—until you (both) are ready.

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