How to achieve a great post-baby body sensibly

We can barely open a magazine without seeing a picture of Victoria Beckham looking super-slim after giving birth to her fourth child, or Abbey Clancy looking even leggier as she pushes a pram down the road.

With celebrity mums photographed almost daily with iron-flat stomachs just weeks, even days after giving birth, modern mums are under increasing pressure to ‘snap back’ to their post-baby body.

Although what us ‘mere mortals’ have to remember is that celebrity mums have access to the very best personal trainers, personal cooks and home gyms on offer, and many, with the help of nanny’s, will have more time to concentrate on their post-baby body than the rest of us.

Instead of becoming fixated in achieving what seems only achievable in celeb-land, and sporting a size 8 frame before your baby is eight weeks old, there are several simple steps we can take to achieve a great post-baby body sensibly not long after giving birth.

Eat sensibly

With not much time to yourself anymore, it is easy to grab a quick chocolate bar or bag of crisps in order to fill an empty hole and get some much needed energy. Instead of snacking on sugary, high-fat snacks, eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and always make sure you have three square meals a day that contain plenty of fish, vegetables and carbohydrates.


Doing even a small amount of exercise several days a week will help you lose those extra pounds quicker and increase feelings of wellbeing. Why not include your baby in your exercise regime by pushing the pram to the park or the shops four or five times a week? Great for killing several birds with one stone!

Drink plenty of water

Whilst it’s tempting to make your umpteenth cup of coffee of the day to help you get through a lapse in energy, it is much healthier and beneficial to drink water. Water helps flush the toxins out of our systems, which can help you lose weight and feel more re-energised mentally. Aim to drink between six and eight glasses of water a day.

Pelvic floor muscles

After giving birth your pelvic muscles are going to be considerably ‘looser’ than prior to having a baby. Try and get into the habit in doing pelvic floor muscle exercises each day, as not only will these help tighten the pelvic muscles, but can also help tone the abdominal muscles. Pelvic floor muscle exercises are done by simply squeezing the pelvic muscles for several seconds and then repeating at least ten times.