How to bath a baby safely

If you are a first time mum, then you probably endured the albeit embarrassing task of having to bath your baby in front of a midwife before you were allowed to leave the hospital.

Given the pressure you felt under and your understandable tired, post-delivery state, you may have forgotten everything the midwife told you about bathing a baby. To help refresh your memory, follow the advice below on how to bath a baby safely and efficiently.

1. It is important that you prepare for your baby’s bath, so you have everything you will need at the ready. Gather a thermometer, cotton wool, a flannel, soap, shampoo, nappy, towel and your baby’s clothes and put them within easy reach to the bath.

2. Wash your baby’s face before you put him/her in the bath. Use cotton wool, dipped in cooled boiled water. Wash around each eye, the mouth and nose with separate pieces of cotton wool.

3. Put approximately 5 inches of water warmed to about 37 degrees Celsius in the bath.

4. Using one hand to support your baby’s neck and head, gently position him/her into the bath.

5. Wash your baby all over with PH neutral, mild baby soap, with either your hand or a flannel.

6. A baby’s hair should be washed only once or twice a week. Use the baby soap or baby shampoo and gently rub a small amount on to his/her head. Rinse with a damp cloth, to prevent the soap from going in baby’s eyes.

7. Lift your baby out of the bath, keeping his/her head supported and place on a dry, clean towel. Wrap baby in the towel and pat dry rather than rub, as rubbing could make his/her skin sore.

8. Dress your baby immediately to prevent him/her from getting cold.