How to boost your child’s natural immune system

Young children, unlike older children and adults, do not have a mature and developed immune system, and are therefore susceptible to all kinds of illnesses, viruses and bugs.

If your child seems to be particularly prone to coughs, sneezes and stomach bugs, you may be interested in reading how to boost your child’s natural immune system.


With 80 percent of the body’s immune function being located in the gut, it is important that we maintain a healthy digestive system. Probiotics can help us keep our immune systems healthy. Chewable tablets, such as ‘Buddy Bears’ are often the best way to give probiotics to children. This natural immune boosting supplement is also available in powdered form, such as ‘Nature’s Way Primadophilus for Children’, which just requires mixing with water.

Refrain from too much dairy and sugar

Bacteria and viruses thrive in surroundings rich in dairy products, which also promotes the production of mucus. Sugar decreases the function of the immune system, so it is advisable to limit the amount of sugar and dairy food in your child’s diet whilst they are ill.

Vitamin C

Eating foods high in vitamin C is one of the best ways to boost our immune systems. If your child does not like eating fruits high in vitamin C such as oranges and kiwi fruit, giving them a chewy Vitamin C tablet each day is a good way for children to reap the benefits of this natural immune enhancer.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D protects the body from many viruses and illnesses by destroying the cell walls of bacteria. Vitamin D is found naturally in sunshine so ensuring your children spend a significant amount of time outdoors will enhance their vitamin D intake. Of course the sun is not always shining, particularly in the winter, so giving your child a Vitamin D supplement, such as ‘Carlson Vitamin D drops for kids’  is sensible.

Plenty of sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to help maintain a healthy immune system and help fight diseases. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep.