How to build self confidence in children and toddlers

Whilst toddlers may not always be the most friendly or sociable of creatures, they seem to always have a fascination with other children. You may be wondering just how to build self confidence in children and toddlers.

There are certain steps you can take to encourage your child to develop their interest in fellow children positively and constructively, so that your toddler is naturally at ease with other children and people.

Be affectionate

It has been medically proven that children who receive a lot of affection and attention from their parents at a young age, are more likely to grow up be affectionate and loving themselves. Build self confidence in children with plenty of cuddles and kisses that you love him, and if he demands something, instead of crossly refusing to meet his demands, explain to him how to ask nicely and provide him what he wants – within reason of course!

Teach good manners

Whilst you don’t need to over do it with the ‘say please and thank you’, it is important to teach your child manners from an early age. Young children are adept at copying, so practising good manners yourself is a good start. When your toddler does remember to say please and thank you, always make sure you praise her, as this will encourage her to be polite.

Mother and baby groups

The more interaction your child has with other children from a young age, the better. Joining a mother and baby group is a great way for your child to start mixing with other children. Encourage the toddlers to play together with the toys and, if there is a squabble, try and refrain from becoming involved and let them sort their difference out for themselves.

Invite other children over

Whilst you don’t want masses of excited toddlers running around your house every day, inviting children of a similar age over to play from time to time, can be a good way to build self confidence in children. Encourage your youngster to play and share her toys with her friends.

Talk to your child with respect 

Always listening to your youngster will encourage him to want to talk and be chatty. Talk and treat your child with respect and he will be more inclined to be respectful of others.