How to calm a restless baby

From persistently interrupted nights to constantly changing nappies, life as a new parent can be pretty demanding to say the least. A restless baby usually means that mum and dad aren’t going to get much rest either, leaving parents almost crying out for some tips and advice on how to calm a restless baby.

Below are three tips that may, just may, make your baby calmer meaning you can have some much needed rest.

How to calm a restless baby

Baby massage

Baby massage is a great way to develop a bond between you and your baby. If your baby is restless through having wind then gently massage her tummy in a clockwise motion to help bring up the gas.

A home-made sock soother

Babies who are teething are often grumpy from morning to night leaving exasperated parents completely knackered! One quick and simple tip to help soothe and calm a baby who is teething is to fill a clean sock with ice cubes, tie it in a knot, put your baby in her highchair and let her gnaw away to her hearts content – at last five minutes of peace! 

Make bath time fun!

Whilst some babies and toddlers adore bath time, others scream, fight and do anything to avoid having a bath! If your little one falls into the latter category then overcome those bath time dilemmas by simply making it fun.

Load the bath with bubbles and toys, cover your face with bubble bath, do anything to make your child realise that having a bath isn’t going to hurt her!