How to clean a baby’s ears safely

Cleaning your little one’s most delicate parts can be daunting for any parent and as a baby’s ears are so tiny and slight, many parents worry about the prospect of cleaning the ears without damaging them.

As your baby’s ears need to be regularly cleaned, you may find the following tips on how to clean a baby’s ears safely and efficiently useful.

how to clean a baby’s ears safely

Use warm water

To help remove the wax more easily and to ensure maximum comfort for your baby while cleaning his ears, the water should neither be cold or hot but warm.

Use a cloth

Refrain from using anything too invasive such as a cotton bud as you could probe too far and damage your baby’s ear. Instead use a damp, soft cloth and gently dab at the ears with the cloth.

Ensure your baby is relaxed and comfortable

Don’t try and clean your baby’s ears when he is fretful or crying as this will only intensify his distress. Instead choose a time when your baby is content and relaxed, ensure that both you and your baby are in a comfortable position, hold your little one’s head firmly but gently and proceed to wash his ears.

Clean the outer and inner ears

To clean your baby’s ears efficiently ensure that you clean both the inner and outer ears. Use the damp cloth and gently wipe the outer parts of the ear, concentrating on the folds where it is common for wax to build up.

When you have finished the outer ear, run the cloth under warm water, twirl the tip of the cloth, squeeze out the excess water and gently roll it into your baby’s inner ear.

Don’t use soap

Using soap to clean your baby’s ears may aggravate the skin, using just warm, clean water will be sufficient to clean them and remove the wax.

Pat dry the ears

Never rub your baby’s ears dry. Instead pat them dry with a soft, dry towel or cloth.