How to cope with baby’s first week!

Nobody can prepare a parent for the joy, anguish, emotion and sheer chaos the first week of a baby’s arrival creates.

Although having said this, there are certain steps you can take to help lessen the hectic nature of that first week and to help make you feel, well almost human!

How to cope with baby's first week

Sleep when baby sleeps

One of the biggest shocks parents have to cope with and get used to in the week following baby’s arrival is being seriously deprived of sleep and it is because of the lack of sleep that tension can be created at home. Despite waking frequently, newborns do sleep an awful lot and to help ‘get you through’ that first week, it is advisable to take advantage and get some precious shut eye when baby does.

Postpone visitors

When you have a baby it seems that the ‘world and his wife’ wants to see the new baby. This can put pressure on parents to tidy the house, look respectful and ‘entertain’. In politely telling friends and family that you are tired and to postpone their visit until a fortnight’s time, will take some of the pressure away from that first frantic week.

Accept breastfeeding help

Breastfeeding, despite being one of the most natural things in the world, can take a while for both mother and baby to master. In light of the commonness of breastfeeding related problems, there is a huge amount of clinics, specialists and groups designed to help mums that are having problems breastfeeding their infant – Don’t battle on alone and take advantage of such a huge pool of help. 

Be prepared and ‘bulk buy’

There’s nothing quite as stressful as realising that you’ve ran out of nappies or baby wipes right at the last minute! Eradicate this potentially anguish-boosting scenario by preparing in the run up to the birth and buying such items in bulk.

Have entertainment close at hand

When a baby arrives parents can feel that they lose track of reality and with the rest of the world. To help keep ‘on track’ ensure that you have plenty of entertainment and diversion tools close at hand. Having a stash of magazines or newspapers so that you can catch up on celebrity gossip or the news as you feed baby can go a long way in help keeping you ‘sane’ during that first week!