How to cut babies nails

Newborns’ nails grow extremely quickly and although you may be tempted to cut them almost straight away, it is advisable that you wait until your baby is at least one month old before you attempt to cut his nails.

This is because it is difficult to distinguish whether or not a newborn’s nails are still attached to the quick, therefore making it easy to nick your baby’s skin. If you are concerned that your baby will scratch himself with his nails put some gloves on him until you feel ready to trim them. Here’s how to cut babies nails:

 How to cut babies nails

When your baby is approximately eight weeks old his nails will be hard enough to trim.

As the nails grow so quickly, aim to trim them at least once a week.

Many parents chose to peel their baby’s nails off with their fingers rather than resorting to scissors. This often works well as an infant’s finger nails are soft enough to peel off and therefore eliminates the need to use scissors.

If you would prefer to use scissors always use a pair of baby scissors or clippers that have rounded ends.

It is also advisable to cut your baby’s nails when he is either feeding or sleeping so that he is passive and does not have the urge to wriggle whilst you try and trim his nails.

Always pull the pad of this finger away from the nail to reduce the chances of nicking your baby’s skin.

Cut your baby’s finger nails in a curved motion but his toe nails straight across as cutting off the sides of toe nails can lead to ingrown nails and infection.

Use an emery board to smooth down any sharp edges after cutting, or, if you prefer, you can use an emery board to trim your infant’s nails.