How to decorate a nursery

Want to step away from the traditional blue, pink or white coloured nurseries and design a ‘bolder’ nursery for your new arrival?

Well read on as we explore three great but ‘unconventionally’ coloured nursery designs, here’s how to decorate a nursery.

How to decorate a nursery

Chocolate brown

It may sound dingy and completely ‘un-baby like’, but combining chocolate coloured walls with some lighter colours such as light blue, pale green or white, can not only look modern, clean and stunning, but it could also help with your baby’s development.

Not only will combining these colour contrasts create a cosy, calming and welcoming atmosphere, but, as infants see dark and light contrast best of all, a chocolate-brown coloured nursery, fringed with white and other pale colours, will create a stimulating environment for your baby to learn, play and develop.

A colour-block wall mural

Get creative, colourful and really go to town on your little one’s nursery by painting a colour-block mural on the walls. Simply pencil in squares onto the wall using a level, then section off the squares with tape, and now for the fun part – Paint in the squares with different coloured paints, the brighter the better!

Not only will such a colourful nursery be a joyful and exciting place for your baby to grow and develop, but it will also mean that you will never have to paint the room again, as future curtains, bedding and accessories, are guaranteed to match! 

Create some instant sunshine

It might be dull, grey and drizzly outside but it doesn’t need to be in your baby’s nursery. Bring some permanent sunshine to your infant’s room by decorating it in a classic, sunshine yellow but giving it a bright, modern and interesting twist by adding some ‘hot pink’ into the tapestry.

Bright yellow walls can look great if they are surrounded by a hot pink border, likewise so can continuing the bold, hot pink twist by adding some hot pink accessories.