How to dress when pregnant

Babies grow differently and our bodies cope differently. Whether it’s swollen ankles, legs that look like yams, a waist… well, what waist?, three chins, larger than life breasts, sausage-fingers or just a giant bump that sticks out and makes dish-washing way more complicated than it should be – we all have our pet peeves.

According to Liz Krieger from there are 4 types of pregnancy bodies: big all over, carrying low, carrying high or, small all over – and dressing each of these four bodies requires a difference in emphasis. How to dress when pregnant? Check it out:

  1. Big all over – if you feel enormous, the idea is to emphasise your length rather than your width when dressing. Dark colours (head-to-toe) create an illusion of length as do floor-length trousers, especially when paired with a low heel and/or pointy shoe. To draw attention up rather than down, wear a fab necklace or rock a killer neckline (embroidery or perhaps a little bit of a ‘V’.
  2. Carrying low – (and look like the baby is coming out tomorrow) you can rebalance your proportions by drawing attention elsewhere when you dress. A knee-length pencil skirt will elongate your legs, as will boots, and a top that is long in the torso will keep your low-lying bump in proportion. Draw attention up with a killer (bust-emphasising) neckline (use jewellery or a flattering V-neck). Empire lines also look good on low bumps. Keep the attention up top and dress to make your legs look longer, and you can’t go wrong.
  3. Carrying high – (and feel like a walking, talking apple… and it’s not even close to Halloween), separate bust from baby with clothes the cinch up top and flare down below. Wrap dresses are usually flattering on high-lying bumps, as are dresses or tops that cinch under the bust. To keep legs in proportion, wear trousers that flare even if only slightly.
  4. Small all over – (oh you lucky lady!) choose clothes that emphasise your bump. Body-slimming tops that stretch over your bump are fab, and don’t shy away from horizontal stripes! Skinny or straight-leg jeans or tights are perfect for a small frame. It’s all about drawing attention to Mr (or Mrs) bump – avoid baggy, loose clothing.

Thrice pregnant, I just seem to get larger each time and being a natural pear-type shape, my inclination is to draw attention away from my (short) legs and (large) rear and emphasise my torso.

Bright colours on top, dark on bottom is usually how it works when I am pregnant. First time around I quite liked showing my bump off but was a little less confident third time around. I also had about seven chins in the third trimester, which were camouflaged with the help scarves – thank goodness it was winter (all three times!).

I can’t say that I loved my pregnancy body (some women do, I know!) and I looked so forward to dressing in my pre-preggy clothes. That said; I did manage to adapt my usual style to my bump and body, and felt pretty good doing it!

Do you have any ‘how to dress’ tips for your body shape? Please share!

Source: – “The 4 pregnancy body types and how to dress them”