How to encourage the following less ‘obvious’ baby milestones

Every baby is unique and develops in his or her own time and pace. Every infant does however conquer various ‘milestones’, stages that, for parents, make all the sleepless nights, endless nappy changing and hard work, instantly forgotten!

The most obvious baby milestones are smiling, crawling, walking and talking, milestones that are simply unmissable. There are however, smaller milestones that infants conquer in their ultra-rapid growth and development in their first 12 months on the planet!

encourage baby milestones

Take a look at how to encourage the following less ‘obvious’ baby milestones.

Sleeping through the night

You may not regard sleeping through the night to be an actual baby milestone. It is however a tremendous highlight in your little one’s development and is proof that he is finally settling down in life outside the safe and secure world of his mother’s womb.

Sleeping through the night, for many babies, occurs at around four to six months, although for many babies can take much longer.

Sleeping for 8 – 12 hours without waking up or being fed can be encouraged by letting your baby fall back to sleep without your help and by extending the amount of time between feeds.

Rolling over

A baby rolling over on his own accord is often the first sign that he ready to get on the move – independently – and is certainly a milestone not to be missed.

Infants rolling over by themselves typically occurs at around 4 – 6 months, but similar to most milestones can happen much later.

You can encourage your little one to master this independent move by placing objects, such as toys, just out of reach and push him to reach out for them.


Most babies love the excitement of clapping and clapping themselves a real thrill. This moving milestone often occurs at around 8 – 9 months.

You can encourage your baby to clap by frequently clapping at your little one yourself, as we all know, babies love to copy!