How to encourage your child to read

Britain trails in children’s reading habits – How to encourage your child to read. A new study has revealed that fewer children in Great Britain are reading than in countries such as Estonia, Kazakhstan and Thailand. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) researched the reading habits of children from 65 countries.

The results of the study regarding the reading habits of children in the UK were shocking to say the least, as Great Britain came in 47th place in the league table, with a proportion of just 60% of children reading books regularly.

Leading the table was Thailand, Albania, Shanghai-China and Kazakhstan, where nine in ten children aged 15 read books every day.

The advantages of children reading books are numerous and include helping children gain better results at school.

“On average, students who read daily for enjoyment score the equivalent of one and a half years of schooling better than those who do not,” said the report.

If you feel that your child should be reading more, then the following tips on how to encourage your child to read may help

Join a library

If your child is tired of all her old books, a great way to introduce her to new books and make reading more exciting is to join a library. Let her chose some new books to take home herself and even encourage her to join the library’s book club.

Compare the book to the film

Many children’s books are made into films. Letting your child watch the film to the book he has just read can be a great way to engage a child’s attention and attraction to more books that have been made into movies so that they can compare the two again.

Magazines, comics, audio books

Reading comes in many forms and doesn’t have to be confined to books. Comics, magazines and even audio books can be a great way to absorb your child’s interest in reading.

Read to your child

If your child doesn’t like reading herself, don’t just give up on books entirely. Instead, to keep an interest in books going, read stories to your child yourself and eventually she should start reading them by herself.

Let your child see you reading

Children generally speaking love to copy their parents. Let your child therefore see you set aside half an hour of the day to snuggle down cosily in a chair to a book and the chances are, she will copy you.