How to feed baby on the go – The Totseat travel highchair

If you’re parents who spend a lot of time out and about with your baby, you’ll definitely want to check out the Totseat travel highchair.

I have done my fair share of what I call ‘baby balancing’ on laps, chairs, tables and many an inappropriate surface purely because I have had no other option. My babies are totally cool with being dumped and fed in trains, planes and towns all over the world (they’ve been well conditioned) but the Totseat is a fantastic little invention for ‘on-the-go’ feeding; provided there is a chair on site.

Made from robust fabric, the Totseat is designed to keep baby safe; it secures to any type of chair and is perfect for hauling around because it can be washed and squashed.

I have a feeling it’s one of those things that you don’t really miss…until you’ve used one, in which case you simply can’t live without one.

And what I have realised about the Totseat is that it could replace a highchair if space in your home is limited. The only potential disadvantage is that it doesn’t have the attached tray, which makes highchairs pretty convenient as far as little one’s eating habits.

You could merely use a table as a tray but it would have to be the right height and a table may also miss the point of saving space. Nonetheless, it’s an option – especially for younger babies who aren’t really exploring the finger food thing quite yet.

The Totseat comes in a variety of cool colours and patterns, as well as personalised denim – for the cost of £24.00 (more or less). CLICK HERE to see the range.