How to find a babysitter online

It’s important, as parents, to have a life. Obviously ‘having a life’ is afforded definitions relative to the individual but usually, the enactment of said life requires the occasional babysitter.

Babysitters may be easy to come by but a good babysitter is another matter entirely.

I’d say that a good babysitter arrives on time, is polite, friendly confident in his/her ability to look after your child (or children) and puts you at ease.

To find a babysitter online, you might be interested in which is an online babysitting service that offers “friendly and experienced evening and daytime babysitters, even at short notice.” Each child minder is interviewed in person and all references are thoroughly checked, according to the site.

Check the specs on the child minders who would be babysitting your precious ones:

  • The average Sitters babysitter is 38 years old.
  • The majority have families of their own.
  • Around 3 out of 4 have experience working as a Registered Child minder.
  • More than half have experience working as a full time Nanny or Nursery Nurse.
  • Over half have some formal childcare related qualification.

The babysitting agency has babysitters right across the country; if you type in your post code on the site you’ll be able to see how many are in your area and whether it is worth registering with the service.

To find a babysitter online, it could be as simple as a phone call, a text message or online enquiry.

The Sitters website has all the info on babysitting rates (which seem reasonable) and answers to all the protective-mummy-type questions you will assuredly want to ask.

Visit to find out more.