How to find a name for your baby that isn’t already taken

Okay, so baby name books, websites, brainstorming sessions …they’re all a thing of the past when it comes to baby name inspiration. What’s new? – Choosing a baby name based on its domain availability.

How to find a name for your baby that isn’t already taken

In translation: unless you can make a website out of it, the name you’re thinking of is totally not worth it.

Probably a little extreme…or maybe not? is a new site that lets you type in your baby’s last name, choose a gender (or both) and then generates name ideas based on what domains are available. There are literally thousands of combinations.

literally thousands of combinations.


Now I’m thinking that not many of us are actually going to base our baby’s name on website availability but I’m going it put it out there: I have three children (four, two and six months) and two of them have their own .com website.

The site is made is made by Finbarr Taylor and Karen X. Cheng. The idea apparently came from a joke. Because Karen has such a common name, she never stood a chance at owning She pledged that her future children would not be subject to the same fate- and she’d ensure this by making sure the domain is available before naming her child. Finbarr joked that there should be a website that automatically does this for you.