How to find a reliable babysitter

With your new bundle of joy in your arms all you want to do is gaze lovingly at her face. Although you might not believe it now but there will come a time when yourself and your partner want to spend some time away from your baby and have a good old night out.

Finding a reliable babysitter is obviously high on any parents’ agenda. If you are looking to recruit the services of a babysitter so that you can take a relaxing break away from changing nappies and breastfeeding, the following advice on how to find a reliable babysitter may help.

A friend or family member

Having somebody that you already know look after your child has its obvious advantages over recruiting a stranger. As a parent you will instinctively know whether or not a person is suitable to look after a baby or young children. Friends and family will often jump at the chance of earning some extra pocket money, although remember to only employ someone who is over 16 and is ‘responsible’. Babysitters who have experience with babies and children are obviously preferable to those who haven’t any experience.

Word of mouth babysitters

Employing a babysitter through a recommendation of a friend or relative can be one of the best ways to find a reliable individual to babysit your children. Providing that the source that provided the recommendation is reliable and that you trust their judgment, word of mouth babysitters can be a great way to find a babysitter that you can leave in charge of your little one with peace of mind

Agency babysitters

Babysitters recruited by official childcare agencies do have advantages over non-agency babysitters, namely they usually have bags of experience in caring for babies and children, and are often qualified in childcare. Some agency babysitters will do additional chores, such as the ironing during their stay at your house, meaning that you don’t just have a great night out but you come home to find that the pile of ironing has been done. Although be warned, agency babysitters can be expensive!