How to get your child more active

From preventing obesity to maintaining a healthy heart, the benefits of encouraging young children to be active are multiple.

If your youngster would however prefer to loll about on the settee all day watching television and playing video games instead of being active in the fresh air you may be searching for advise and tips about how to get your child more active and how to encourage your child to exercise.

how to get your child more active

Below are five tips on how to get your child more active:

Plan ‘active’ birthday parties

Instead of having your child’s birthday party at your house, plan to have the party at the ice-rink, roller-rink, local Wacky Warehouses, or at the swimming baths, to ensure for a more ‘active’ birthday party!

There are currently 72 Wacky Warehouse activity outlets across the UK, providing ‘wacky fun’ for kids and grownups!

For a full list of the Wacky Warehouse locations in the UK visit

Have a weekly ‘active’ evening

Designate at least one evening a week to doing some form of active activity with your child, such as swimming lessons in the local pool, horse riding or playing football in the park.

Be ‘sneaky’

Getting your child to be more active doesn’t necessarily mean dragging them to the swimming pool and making them do ten lengths every night! There are more ‘sneaky’ and ‘creative’ ways to sneak in exercise into a child’s daily regime, such as walking the dog, ‘racing’ to the top of the stairs instead of taking the lift, and walking to school instead of getting the bus.

Check out the local recreation centre

Your local recreation centre or sports club is likely to put on various classes and activities for children and is an obvious tactic on how to get your child more active. From toddler’s yoga to martial arts of five year olds, be sure to ask what fun fitness activities for kids are available at your local fitness centre.

Roller blades, scooters and tricycles!

If your youngster isn’t thrilled by the prospect of going on a walk, swim or playing football, then buying him active-inducing gear such as a scooter, tricycle or roller blades for his birthday could be a great way to get your youngster out in the fresh air and exercising!