How to help a baby with a blocked nose

Babies with snotty noses… can you hear the collective sigh of every mum on the planet? Baby plus cold equals HARD WORK.

It seems that many new babies end up with snotty noses. A couple of weeks after my girls were born they ended up with a cold. And it’s been the same for many of my mummy friends.

I’m not sure if it’s just a reaction to the shock of birth – i.e. warm uterus, cold world – or maybe just their little bodies adjusting to their new environment. Whatever the reason, it’s common.

So, what do you do? Here are some tips on how to help a baby with a blocked nose:

1. Invest in a ‘snot sucker’. They are horrendous things but are an absolute necessity. Babies are obviously too small to blow the mucus out of their little noses; a snot sucker will do the job and hopefully help them to breathe and consequently sleep better.

2. Saline solution works in conjunction with the snot sucker. Spray some solution up babs’ nose to loosen the mucus and then use the sucker.

3. Olbas oil is fab. A couple of drops in babs’ bath (a steamy bath is good) and on her pillow might clear up a stuffy nose.

4. Some mums and dads use a humidifier at night if none of the above seems to help, and the stuffy nose is perpetual rather than ‘just a week long thing’.

The most difficult thing for babies with snotty noses is their inability to comfort suck – whether it’s a dummy, thumb or finger – and that makes it more difficult for them to comfort themselves to sleep.

This means that they’ll probably need some extra cuddles and consoling.

The good news is that the older your baby gets, the better she’ll become at dealing with a stuffy nose – snot suckers become a way of life and saline just part of a day. As your babs’ immune system matures, colds and such are less woeful affairs (for both mum and baby!).

Do you have any clever tips on managing stuffy noses?

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  1. Wholeheartedly recommend Sterimar Baby nasal spray. Works a treat for my little ones. It’s a bit odd at first but it just became part of the nightly routine and a clear nose meant a quiet night.

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