How to help build a baby’s social skills

Every baby is different and whilst some feel more secure cuddled up with mum and dad, others enjoy the company of anyone and simply love being the centre of attention babies never fail to become.

Whilst every baby’s character may be different, there are certain ‘steps’ parents can take to help build a baby’s social skills and raise a more sociable, confident child.

Respond to your baby’s responses

A baby communicates long before she utters her first words. It is logical that acknowledging and responding to your baby’s emotions, such as coos, smiles, grimaces and even cries, will help your baby learn that if she continues with certain emotions she will get a response, thus helping your baby develop both socially and cognitively.


You want to teach your infant that the world is a happy place that is full of warm and friendly people. To help do this, ensure that you smile regularly at your little one. Smiling at a baby not only encourages babies to smile back at you, but will help reassure her that the world is a happy place.

Talk to your baby

She might not be able to understand what you are saying but chatting to your baby will help develop an understanding that it is good to talk!

Expand the social circle

Being constantly with mum and dad, it is easy to see why many babies can become clingy and pine for their parents. To help avoid bringing up a clingy baby and child, aim to expand your infant’s social circle early on. As early as a couple of months old, invite your friends round who have babies of their own, and let your bay get used to being with other babies, children and even other adults.

This will help to teach your baby that there is a world outside mum and dad and there is no need to be afraid of other people.

Spend time with older children

Babies, toddlers and young children seem to adore older children. If your baby has an older sibling, this can be a great way to help bring on those baby milestones, such as smiling, laughing, walking and talking. If there is no older sibling in the house, recruit an older cousin or friend’s child to become your baby’s ‘milestone mentor’.