How to keep cool when pregnant

With your ankles seemingly swelling by the second, your baby relentlessly kicking, and your bump growing bigger by the day, being pregnant during hot weather can be an irritating, exhausting and wholly uncomfortable experience.

If you do feel like you’re about to explode you may find the following tips on how to keep cool when pregnant useful, to say the least.

How to keep cool when pregnant

Become a morning person

If you are pregnant during the hot weather, particularly heavily pregnant, it may be a good idea to become a ‘morning person’. Adopt a Spanish lifestyle of performing tasks and chores earlier on in the morning when it is cooler and by the time it really begins to heat up in the afternoon, you can put your feet up and have a siesta!

Wear white, cotton clothes

Dark clothes absorb the heat whilst white reflects it. To help keep cool ensure that you wear white or other light coloured clothing and stick to cotton instead of heavier fabrics such as nylon.

Drink plenty of water

It goes without saying that we should drink plenty of water during the hot weather anyway, but particularly when we are pregnant. To avoid becoming dehydrated and it help keep you cool, ensure that you carry a bottle of water around with you and have regular sips. 

Take regular cold showers

One good way to cool down in the summer whilst pregnant is to have regular cold showers, which will revitalise you and give you a quick burst of energy.

Stay indoors and make use of air-con

When it is very hot don’t even attempt to venture outdoors during the hottest parts of the day. Stay indoors, preferably with the air-conditioning on, which will help to keep you cool.