How to Keep Yourself, And Your Babies, Cool This Summer

Summer’s here… picnics, BBQs, bike rides… and irritable, hot little people! Keeping your kids cool can be hard, and keeping your cool can be even harder! In amongst trying to find the perfect temperature in the nursery and deciding what’s the right outfit for a day trip to the zoo, it’s easy to forget about you!

how to keep yourself and your baby cool this summer

Hot and bothered isn’t reserved for children… you need to be able to keep your cool this summer, too.

Water fun

Paddling pool, sprinkler, cold shower, cool bath… water is the key to cool. Little ones love water play and there’s no reason why you can’t get involved too. If you’ve got a paddling pool, hop in with them! Get the hose out, buy some water pistols, anything to do with water is not only going to keep the little ones entertained; it’s going to keep the temperature down too.

Sun block

Keep bedrooms in the house cool by closing blinds or curtains during the day. This not only helps at naptimes, but by bed time the air should be a nice and comfortable temperature. A fan can also help keep cool air moving around.

Go naked

Most babies love nappy-free time. When the temperature soars, keep clothes to a minimum, just a nappy is generally enough while you’re at home… and whip it off for as long as you can to let them really cool down.

Chill out

Avoid too much excitable play. Yes, you want to engage and entertain your child but getting too excited can lead to them getting hot and bothered. Opt for quiet games, stories and soothing music that will keep everyone cool.

Cool baths

A cool bath before bedtime can take the heat off both you and your children. A lovely way to calm down and cool down, ready for a (hopefully!) restful night’s sleep ahead.

Air con

If you’re going out anywhere in the car, get the air con running while you get your bits together and load them into the car. By the time you and your little one get in, it’ll be lovely and cool.