How to look good when pregnant

Whilst some women look radiant and brimming with health and vitality when they are pregnant, others feel fat, unattractive and even depressed.

If your bulging midriff is beginning to get you down and you feel that your appearance has seen better days, then read on and discover how to look good when pregnant!

How to look good when pregnant

Have your hair done

There’s nothing quite like giving your appearance and self-confidence a bit of a boost than by having your hair done. Just because you’re pregnant it doesn’t mean to say that your visits to the hairdressers have to be temporarily put on hold!

Shower every morning

There’s nothing quite like a morning shower to pick you up and leave you refreshed for the day.  Get into the routine of showering every morning throughout your pregnancy and after your shower pamper your skin by massaging some luxury body lotion over it. Or better still get someone else to massage in the lotion!

Remove unwanted hair

Being pregnant is not an excuse for letting your legs and underarms look like the Amazon Rain Forest! To help keep morale up whilst you are pregnant be sure to maintain the same beauty regime you practised before you became pregnant, including shaving off any unwanted hair!

Put your feet up

Putting your feet up and relaxing on the sofa will help you unwind, relax and take some of the much needed weight off your feet, meaning you will look and feel less tired!

Put your make-up on

You’ve finished work and are in the final stages of your pregnancy, why the need for make-up?  Well putting on some make-up every day even if you are not leaving the house can help increase feelings of normality and wellbeing, as well as making you feel more desirable to your partner!