How to maintain healthy eyes in children

According to more than a third of parents with children aged from five to 16 have not had their child’s eyes tested in the last five years.

Even if there is no family history of eye problems, or your child has not complained of blurred vision or other sight problems, an eye check in young children is essential to maintain the health of their eyes.

how to maintain healthy eyes in children

It is important that children have good vision as it can help them reach their optimum ability at school, in sports, friendship and learning.

If you are unsure about how to conserve your child’s eye health, below are several facts and tips on how to maintain healthy eyes in children

* In the UK every child under the age of 16 is entitled to free eye tests on the NHS.

* The National Screening Committee (NSC) recommends that all children should have their eyes tested once between the ages of four and five.

* If there is a family history of wearing glasses, it is recommended that you take your child for an eye test by the time he/she reaches three years old.

* Children should have an eye examination at least once every two years and even more if they have an existing eye condition.

* If your child is experiencing problems learning to read and write, or is underachieving at school, it is advised that he/she should have an eye test at any age, as poor vision is one the leading factors that can cause academic problems.

* A really good tip on how to maintain healthy eyes in children is to ensure that your child has enough light when drawing, writing, painting or doing their homework, as poor light conditions means that we have to strain our eyes.

* To prevent an injury to the eye occurring whist playing sport, children should wear protective glasses when playing contact or ball sports, such as squash, rugby and badminton.

* If your child is complaining of headaches frequently it is important that you take him/her for an eye test, as headaches can be caused by eye problems and poor vision.