How to minimise pregnancy weight gain

A new study by Penn State College of Medicine in the US has revealed that a mum-to-be’s attitude during pregnancy has a direct correlation to the amount of weight she will gain.

The research focused on the habits of women who gained appropriate weight and those who exceeded guidelines. Participants were required to report on their diet habits, experience with morning sickness and physical activity habits during pregnancy.

And the conclusion is pretty logical – the women who adopted the attitude that they were ‘eating for two’ gained excessive amounts of weight and women who were more goal oriented in their eating gained an ‘appropriate’ amount of weight. (‘Appropriate being 25 to 35 pounds for women of normal weight – with a Body Mass Index of between 25 to 29 – and 15 to 25 pounds for overweight women – with a BMI of over 29 – according to the Institute of Medicine).

The women who gained excessive weight during pregnancy also did not exercise or choose healthy food options, often giving in to cravings. The mums-to-be who gained proportionate weight exercised, made healthy food choices and did not increase calorie count by any massive amount.

It’s all about a good attitude and self-discipline.

Many women use pregnancy as a chance to eat loads. Recently Drew Barrymore, in an interview with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, declared that’s she would continue to eat as she pleased in spite of her doctor’s advice to “pull back” a little.

I mean… if the celebs are doing it and looking great after (as miss Drew is sure to), why can’t we? Other than the fact that most of us do not have the time or money for personal trainers and nannies galore, it’s difficult to lose all that weight (if you care too) after your pregnancy.

With my first two pregnancies, both girls, I ate as normal but my third pregnancy, a boy, I was ravenously hungry –mostly during the first trimester and then again in the third. I know I ate more, and not just because I was hungry; the third time around I just cared less about trying not to gain excessive weight – and I don’t think I did gain a crazy amount.

But I will say that the weight I did put on is much harder to lose this time around (still currently trying although it’s only been six weeks – so I’m not going to be too hard on myself quite yet). Why’s it more difficult? – Probably because I am now in my thirties (sigh), my body is already a bit ruined from two previous pregnancies, and chocolate was a faithful friend on too many occasions this time around. So it’s my own fault, really.

My point: indulgence is fun at the time. But not usually that much fun after the fact. Healthy choices are worth it!

Source: – “A woman’s attitude during pregnancy affects weight gain”