How to monitor your baby with an iPhone

How about a camera that synchs with your iPhone or iPad?

Red5 has rolled out a webcam that works with your iphone, ipad or PC. Not only will you be able to hear little cough, snort and sneeze but you’ll receive live video stream directly to your technology of choice.

By connecting with your network at home (whether that’s wireless or through an Ethernet cable) you have full control over the camera, panning vertically and horizontally. It will also automatically adjust into infra-red night mode when the light gets too dark for the normal mode. The sound and motion activated alarm will alert you via your phone if baby wakes.

There is an intercom feature that allows you to talk to your baby should she wake, and there is even a snapshot function that enables you to take a sneaky pic while your baby is sleeping.

The synch is activated by a free, dedicated app that will allow you to access the camera anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s often difficult for new parents to go out on dates and feel okay about leaving their new baby in the hands of someone else – Red5’s Smart Baby Monitor might make for an easier evening out.

It’s not cheap – £119.95 – but is forward thinking and offers more features than the usual ‘walkie talkie’ baby monitors. You have to decide what your needs are and what you’re willing to pay to have them met. CLICK HERE to purchase.