How to stop sibling fights

All siblings fight at some point, especially when they are young. Whether it be competing for your attention, fighting over a toy, or arguing over the TV channel, brothers and sisters have a natural urge to disagree and quarrel.

Whilst fighting might be a natural affliction of every love-relationship, bickering siblings can put exasperated parents over the edge. If you are at ‘the end of your tether’ due to your children fighting there are various strategies you can employ to help curb the conflict. Here’s how to stop sibling fights:

The ignoring tactic

Many siblings fight as a way of getting their parent’s attention. If you think that your children’s bickering is an attempt to gage your attention, then not only should you try and ignore the fighting, but, more importantly, you should concentrate on giving your children more positive attention before it gets to the fighting stage. Whilst it is impossible that we give our children our attention 100% of the time, if you feel that bickering is about to start, divert them by giving reading them a book, playing a game, or engaging in an activity that involves them both.

Prevent boredom from creeping in

Many siblings fight for no other reason than they are bored and whilst boredom is one of the most common causes for sibling conflict, it is, fortunately one of the easiest to resolve. Boredom within young children can be easily resolved by taking them out, playing with them, or involving them in your household chores, such as cooking tonight’s dinner.

Treat your children the same

It is often an unfortunate affliction of being an older child to be blamed for any disagreements that have occurred without having a fair trial. Blaming an older child for any sibling conflict that occurs can leave that child feeling resentful, both to his younger brothers and sisters, as well as his parents. Avoid this situation by trying to treat all your children the same. Whilst it is easy to blame an older child because ‘he should know better’, younger siblings have a tendency to recognise and exploit their gain. Ensure that it is the true perpetrator of the crime who gets punished!