How to stop tears at nursery drop off

Having to just walk away from your little one as she sobs when you drop her off at nursery, can be heart-breaking for parents. Many young children cry when their parents leave them at nursery, particularly if they are not used to leaving mum and dad.

There are several steps you can take to help your toddler adjust to being left at nursery, which can help make the dropping off process a lot more calm and enjoyable for everyone involved. Here’s some help on how to stop tears at nursery drop off.

1 – Implement a routine

Children, particularly young children, thrive on consistency and routines, as they make them feel more comfortable and secure. To help your child’s arrival at nursery run smoothly, try to apply some consistency to the process where possible. For example, park in the same car parking space, hang her jacket on the same peg each time, and give her the same amount of kisses. Your toddler will enjoy the consistency.

2 – Wait several minutes before leaving

Try not to leave the second your little one walks through the nursery door. Stay for a few minutes to allow your child to settle in. Let her show you a painting she did the day before or a toy she like to play with.

3 – Stay calm

If your toddler does start to cry, try to stay calm and patience and always refrain from shouting. Becoming angry will only intensify the problem, making it more difficult to solve in the long-term. Talk to your child calmly and ask her why she doesn’t want to stay at the nursery.

4 – Find a friend

Settling your child with another child at the nursery before you leave, can be a good way to stop those dropping off tears. Encourage both children to play with something or start painting a picture, before you make your exit.

5 – Make the journey home fun

Reward your child by making her journey home from the nursery as fun as possible. Play games, such as ‘I Spy’, or sing nursery rhymes in the car on the way home. This way your little one will associate her time at the nursery as being fun and rewarding.