How to take care of baby skin

Being thinner, less oily and a lot more fragile than ours, a baby’s skin is oh so delicate and needs to be taken care of carefully. Babies also sweat much less efficiently than older children and adults, so that it is harder to maintain their inner body temperature.

It is therefore important that parents maintain their body temperature for them. Here are five tips on how to take care of baby skin.

1 – Avoid overheating

Overheating a baby’s skin can result in it becoming dry and sore and may even dehydrate your baby. It is important that you dress him in comfortable, loose and light layers that can be removed easily if he becomes too hot. In the first few weeks of life, a baby retains some of their mother’s hormones and therefore slight skin conditions are fairly common. Being too hot can aggravate these conditions, such as pimples on his face, so it is important not to overdress your baby and keep his clothing loose.

2 – Avoid synthetic materials

Use natural materials, such as cotton, to dress your baby in and avoid synthetic materials such as nylon, which do not allow skin to breathe and can therefore cause sweating. Avoid dressing baby in wool and this can make his skin itchy.

3 – Avoid over-washing baby’s skin

Your baby does not need to have a bath every day as this will only dry out his skin. Limit baths to three times a week. When having a bath use only baby formulated products, as adult soaps and shampoos can negatively affect the PH balance in a baby’s skin.

4 – Always use sun cream

A baby’s skin produces less melanin, the substance that helps keep sunburn at bay. It is therefore extremely important that you always put a high factor sun cream on your baby when he is exposed to the sun. Babies under six months should be kept out the sun entirely.

5 – No nappy

A baby’s bum is particularly prone to becoming irritated and sore. To avoid ‘nappy rash’ let your baby kick about without a nappy on each day to allow the skin to breathe – Just make sure that you put a nappy underneath him or her!