How to teach a child to tie shoelaces

Mastering tying shoelaces together can be considered to be a milestone in a child’s development and one many children master at around five or six years old.

Although as young children don’t have as well developed coordination or strength in their fingers and hands as we do, learning to tie shoelaces can take a while to accomplish with many children, and parents, becoming frustrated and often giving up.

How to teach a child to tie shoelaces

If you are trying to teach your child how to tie his shoelaces and would appreciate some helpful tips and advice, then read our post on how to teach a child to tie shoelaces.

Use different colour laces

Whilst you may not want your child walking around with odd coloured shoe laces, getting your youngster to practise on a pair of shoes with different coloured laces, means that he will be able to distinguish between the two laces more easily.

Practise on bigger shoes

Children’s shoes and trainers, being smaller in size, can have fiddly laces meaning trying to tie the shoelaces can often be a taxing task for parents, let alone children. Designate one of your or your partner’s pair of shoes to be the ‘practise pair’ and being bigger in size they’ll be easier to work with. 

The Bunny Ears method

One of the easiest ways to teach a child to tie their shoelaces is by getting them to make “bunny ears”. First ask your child to tie a knot for the ‘bunny’s head’. Then get him to cross the laces over to make an “X”. Next, pull one “ear” through the bottom of the “X” and pull tight, then loop the laces to make the “bunny ears”.