How to teach your child to write

Toddlers love to scribble and draw and whilst their efforts with a pen may seem like a million miles away before they will be able to actually write, your child learning to write is a lot nearer than you may think.

Parents play an important role in teaching their children to write and if you are at this ‘milestone’ in your youngster’s development then read our tips on how to teach your child to write.


Encouragement is the key when it comes to teaching a child to write. Start early by buying your baby, as early as his first birthday, crayons and colouring pads to encourage him to scribble away.

Let your toddler learn at his own pace

Try not is discourage your child from learning to write by being overzealous and pushing him too soon. Whilst pre-schoolers who can write letters by the time they get to school may seem advantageous over their classmates, research has shown that they can lose advantage as they get older and cannot apply the same memorising techniques they used to learn to read and write to more complex learning.

Read and talk to your child as much as possible

To develop talking skills, which will in turn lead to reading and writing skills, it is important that you talk and read to your child as much as possible. When you are reading your toddler a book be sure to sound the words clearly as well as showing him the different letters and words.

Use tracing paper

When your child does show signs that he is ready to learn to write, tracing paper can be a good way to help develop writing skills. Always be involved as your child traces the letters and words out of books, and continually praise him to give him encouragement.

Stay calm

If your child is having difficulty in learning to read and write it is important that you remain calm and refrain from getting angry and shouting. All children are different and learn at different paces. If you are concerned that your child is ‘behind’ in his reading and writing development then consult your health visitor.