How to treat yourself on a budget

With a million and one things to do, mums have a tendency to neglect their own needs and definitely deserve some well overdue pampering. Having a little one means, for many, they have to budget more carefully than prior to having a baby.

If you want to treat yourself – and you do deserve it – but can’t afford to fork out a small fortune, read the following tips on how to treat yourself on a budget.

Have a girl’s night in

You may not be able to afford living it up on the town like you did with the girls prior to becoming a mum, but that need not stop you enjoying yourself with your girlie pals. Stocking the fridge with wine, ordering some pizzas and putting on a DVD, can be a great and inexpensive way to treat yourself on a budget, relax with your friends  and catch up with the gossip.

Get exercising

Gym memberships can be expensive, although if you have not got the money to join a gym that does not mean to say you cannot do any exercise. Either buy a pair of trainers and start pounding the streets, or buy an exercise DVD and follow it regularly.

Have your hair done at a training salon

Training salons are considerably less expensive than non-training salons. Whilst your hair will be cut by a trainee hairdresser, it will be supervised by a professional, meaning that you can have a great colour and cut and at the same time it is a way to treat yourself on a budget.

If there is no training salon near you, ask at the local college, as they may need models to help train students.

Go camping!

If you can’t afford to stay in a five-star hotel this year, don’t dismiss the idea of a holiday entirely. Why not buy a tent and go camping. Many campsites are located in the most beautiful of surroundings, meaning you can have a relaxing break with the most stunning of vistas without having to take out a bank loan!