How your baby develops in the first six months

When it comes to your baby’s development, there’s one important thing to remember: all babies are individual, and they will grow and develop at different rates. No two babies are the same and there are no set ‘rules’ as to what your little one should be doing and when.



Here are some of the things your baby may do during the first six months of their life.


Month one

During the first month, your baby may be able to lift their head momentarily and turn it from side to side while lying on their back. They can probably look and follow objects moving close in front of them and will be able to see black and white patterns. They are also likely respond to sounds.


Month two

In the second month, your baby will probably begin to make gurgling and cooing sounds and hold their head up for short periods. They may also smile responsively and recognise your voice. Some babies may even show signs of bearing weight on their legs at this early stage.


Month three

This is the month where your baby is most likely starting to hold their head steady and may even begin to do mini push-ups during tummy time! You’ll probably be enjoying lots of laughs and smiles and they may even be bringing their hands together, playing with their fingers, and batting at their toys.


Month four

At the age of four months, most babies will be holding their head steady, bearing weight on their legs and cooing when you talk to them. You may also find they are reaching out and grasping toys or other objects. Some babies may begin to imitate speech sounds, roll over and have their first tooth start to come through.


Month five

When your baby reaches five months old, they can distinguish between bold colours, may roll over from tummy to back and will start to amuse themselves by playing with their hands and feet. Many babies will also turn towards new sounds at this stage and some will be able to sit momentarily without support.


Month six

At this age babies will generally be imitating sounds and blowing bubbles. They’ll most likely be reaching for objects, rolling in both directions and be recognising their name. Some babies may start sitting without support and crawling at six months.