Huggies discontinues nappy range

An interesting bit of news for the nappy-buying parent in your home: Huggies (part of Kimberly-Clark) has discontinued its nappy range in the UK and Ireland.

Huggies nappies will be available on most retailer shelves until April 2013.

Thereafter, only wipes, Little Swimmers swim nappies, Pull-Ups Potty Training pants and DryNites pyjama pants & bed-wetting mats will be accessible for purchase.

If, like me, you’re wondering why… well,  the reason is pretty obvious; according to a press statement on the Huggies site , the brand just isn’t selling nappies – namely its Newborn, Super dry, Natural Fit and Step-In nappies (which are all to be discontinued).

If you’re a loyal Huggies customer, it might be worth stocking up on your favourite brand over the next few months.

And if you have Huggies coupons, you will be able to use them on nappies for as long as the nappies are in stock (according to the Huggies site), so until April assumedly.

So long Huggies…