The Hula Hoop Hack for Teaching Baby to Walk

If you’re a mum or dad on the taller side of the height chart, you can probably relate to these parents’ wacky (but inventive) solution.

Baby hoop

Canadian dad Gerry and wife Katherine, both taller than most, have had their fill of what is the backbreaking conveyor belt of baby duties even average-sized parents must suffer through. When taking care of tiny humans, we spend a large portion of that precious time stooped down for both the menial tasks–bum changes, clothes changes–and the special, but equally exhausting ones–like helping your newly mobile tot to keep his balance as he learns to walk.

Gerry has come up with an inexpensive gizmo to help ease the strain of at least one thing on the list: a simple, no-conversion-required hula hoop for son Cayden to hold on to and lean into while literally getting the hang of walking.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an alternative to bending down for toddle practice, but Gerry’s idea is unique in that it’s a frugal and fast fix.

“I was surprised to find out this idea wasn’t common knowledge,” says the dad.

“Everyone we told about this technique thought it was a brilliant idea and wished they had thought of it for their kids.”

Gerry uploaded his video to social media, the hula-hack quickly going viral (who doesn’t want parenting made even a smidgen easier?).

Gerry said: “There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the video by friends, family and strangers alike.

“I hope this video gives parents a safe and painless way to help their babies practice walking.

“I suppose this method can be used by anyone with or without back pain to help their kids.”