Hypnotherapy for morning sickness?

Morning sickness – blagh! Literally. It’s the worst. If you’re up for doing just about anything to alleviate the nausea that is making you crazy, Natal Hypnotherapy  has a hypnotherapy CD that is supposed to help – aptly named “The Overcome morning Sickness CD”.

Okay – so how does a CD help with nausea? It sounds a little bit iffy, right? The theory behind the hypnotherapy effect is this:

Morning sickness is caused by a combination of hormonal, physical and emotional changes that take place when you become pregnant.

Hypnotherapy argues that the effects of these changes are moderated by the subconscious part of the mind – “The Overcome Morning Sickness CD” will take you (little Ms. Pregnant) into a deeply relaxed state so that you are able to tune into the part of yourself that is able to manage the symptoms (and cause?) of the morning sickness.

In other words, we are able to create physical changes within ourselves simply by our thought patterns.

The benefits of listening to the CD are listed as follows:

• More comfortable digestion.
• Better quality sleep.
• Being more and more comfortable with smells and the sight of food.
• More effective use of your energy.
• Feeling and being calmer when dealing with every day issues.
• Being attracted to the right types of food and drink.
• Increasing your intake of water.
• Being more confident with your pregnancy.

Sounds pretty good?

The CD is 35 minutes long and costs £11.99 – CLICK HERE (http://natalhypnotherapy.co.uk/natalhypnotherapyovercomemorningsickness.html) to find out more.