When Should I Start Reading to My Baby?

You’ve heard it before — but it really never is too early to introduce your child to the wonder on the written word.

Reading baby

A newborn may not be able to hold his end of a conversation, but he’ll nonetheless take great pleasure in hearing Mum’s dulcet tones or Dad’s sonorous rumble at storytime. Soon, he’ll also come to understand and appreciate simple tales, and from that point on, there’s no limit to the magic with which you can fill your child’s personal library.

Begin reading to baby from birth, and the special ritual will become comfortingly familiar as he grows. At this stage, content is not as important as tone and inflection.

Once your little one can sit, and his period of wakefulness is a bit longer, you can start choosing books whose illustrations are vivid, and whose pages are hardy enough to withstand grabbing (or just have a toy handy to keep the fingers and mouth occupied).

Board books are great around 8 months old, when babs will attempt turning pages on his own. By one year old, he’ll be bringing you his choice of reading material, so make sure you’ve a varied collection of stories to books to keep you both enthusiastic — and always have the books readily accessible so that your tot can peruse his literature whenever the fancy takes him!

Via Disneybaby.com