I’m Pregnant: Can I Swim in Chlorinated Pools?

If you’re expecting, is it safe to swim in water treated with chlorine? And what about if you swallow some of the water?

Pregnant woman hands holding belly on swimming pool background, healthy concept.

Summer and vacation season is not too far off—swimming is also a brilliant way to exercise and keep joints limber—so it’s a valid question for preggie persons: is chlorine in pools safe?

The good news is that the general consensus gives a thumbs-up: there is no established evidence indicating a risk of swimming in a chlorinated pool. If anything, it’s more risky swimming in a body of water without the disinfecting benefit of chlorine.

The small number of studies on the subject have focused on THM levels, referring to the presence of trihalomethanes, chemical by-products in chlorinated water. A study from Taiwan in 2008 concluded “no consistent association between exposure and risk of birth defects in general.”

A British study also examining effects of THM levels on pregnancy, found similarly “inconsistent and inconclusive” results. Phew!

In short, get those stretchy swimsuits at the ready—swimming in chlorine-treated pools is both safe, and recommended, for keeping burgeoning bumps fit and cool.

Via Madeformums