Induction: What is It Really Like?

If you’ve been told you need to be induced, your medical professionals have likely explained the very routine nature of the process, and that there’s nothing to be concerned about. While both are certainly true, here are some labour induction stories straight from mums—to dispel any worries you might have.

Pregnant woman touching her belly

You may have an induction booked if your due date has come and gone, or your waters have broken but contractions haven’t started. Inductions are also advised if there are certain health concerns for you or your baby.

This change to your birth plan might not quite be what you envisaged for welcoming your bubs into the world, but the safety of baby and mum is paramount—and these real-life experiences via madeformums show there’s no need to fear.

“I [was] induced at 39 weeks due to gestational diabetes and baby growth,”
says @laurameredithx.

“My little miracle was born 9 hours after induction and 20 minutes of pushing. It was a lovely labour.

“Everyone frightened me into thinking it would be awful being induced but my experience was very controlled and relaxed.”

Kat G recalls her induction: “We had static growth weeks 38-40, due to my placenta giving up.

“I was induced and [given an emergency C-section] under anaesthetic at just 4cm dilated. My worst nightmare, but you know what, it was fine.

“He’s a super amazing nearly 9 month old now—it’ll all be ok! Hypnobirthing helped me no end, as well as a strict birth plan which helped my midwives to work as closely as was safe to my wishes, which made it a really positive experience.”

Jakki0356 breaks down the process: “They will more than likely give you a pessary at first, which will soften you cervix, allowing it to dilate reasonably quickly. Sometimes, this is enough.

“The next stage is either another pessary, or if you are 2-3 cm, they will break your waters. This is quite uncomfortable, so I recommend gas and air to hand!

“If you are having more problems dilating, they sometimes will stretch you to 4 cm or pull your womb forward (which they did with me) – again, gas and air!

“The next step is a drip. it brings on your contractions strong and fast.

“I was rather unlucky in the fact that I had all of the above! It’s not too bad, so nothing to worry about.”

BabyJ2017 emphasises keeping perspective, and easing concerns by asking your healthcare team anything and everything:

“I found it to be relaxing as the midwife spoke to and told me every little step by step guide what would be happening.

“I would say keep an open mind and keep calm and you should be fine. Any questions you have, ho ever stupid you may think they are, just ask.”

Via madeformums